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The virtual has never been so real  | 3D Render
3D infographics, renderings, 3D images or virtual image are images generated entirely by computer. At 3D Visual Effects we create 3D infographics for all kinds of businesses. This new tool lets you cut costs and visualise any kind of project or design before it actually exists so in the end you can achieve a more refined result or convince a potential client.
On the 3D Visual Effects team, there are professionals from diverse disciplines including design, architecture, publicity and others who all have broad experience in their field.
Because of that 3D Visual Effects understands your language.", "Texto_arquitectura3d" => "
Our goal is your projects  | 3D Architecture
No two ways about it. Your project is what we want to achieve when we create simple virtual photographs of your idea. Because an image really is worth a thousand words. Someone without technical training usually doesn't understand plans, spaces described on paper or even combinations of materials. With an image you can show what a project will look like as if it were already finished. It can also be used as a laboratory to experiment with different combinations or volumes to see the final result. Now you no longer have to wait until it's built to see the final result, and you can enjoy all the advantages that go along with that.
All our images are delivered with more than 20 Megapixel resolution. We also do all kinds of insertions into real photos.", "Texto_interiorismo3d" => "
Our goal is your design  | 3D Interior Design
Not everyone can visualise a project or renovation and imagine what the outcome will be, and that's the biggest hurdle in the professional / client relationship. For that reason, at 3D Visual Effects we have the tools to solve the problem and make the job of interior design professionals easier. Your design can be converted into a virtual photo to help your client understand the project and it can even be a tool to convince potential clients. Aside from that, it can also be used as a test bed to see different combinations.
All our images are delivered with more than 20 Megapixel resolution. We also do all kinds of insertions into real photos.", "Texto_concepto3d" => "
Visualise your ideas  | 3D Concept
This kind of image is perfect for competitions or early project phases where you've got an idea about spaces and feelings but you haven't materialised and defined the project. With our broad experience with all kinds of domestic and international architecture competitions we have architects on our team who are experts in using the language specific to architecture, and in particular to competition architecture. In our efforts to provide useful tools to the most creative industries, albeit in an early phase, our products can help you communicate ideas and feelings because we speak your language.
All our images are delivered with more than 20 Megapixel resolution. We also do all kinds of insertions into real photos.", "Texto_catalogo3d" => "
Presenting your products will cost you a lot less  | 3D Catalogue
Our product range includes 3D Catalogues or Virtual Catalogues. This product is another tool that puts 3D Visual Effects on the market that can cut any company's product presentation costs. Regardless of what kind of product you have, manufacture or design. From now on, you can present your catalogue in the most economical way and with greater control. Forget about hiring photographers, renting space, transporting your product, lighting sets or props. Even if your product hasn't been manufactured yet you can release your catalogue with just a design and start selling so you can manufacture to order.
· Click here and see how we can also insert your product into a real photo so you can place your product in whatever setting you want.", "Texto_inserciones3d" => "
Placing your products where you want will cost a lot less  | 3D Insertion
Insertion is the technique where one or more virtual objects are placed into a real photo. In addition to being inserted, the virtual objects have to interact with the elements in the real photo. With this new tool the cost of presenting your product in the best possible way is drastically reduced. How much do you think it would cost to send a photographer to China to shoot a space, transport your products, do the lighting, request permits, and everything else? From now on, just decide what photos you'd like your products inserted into. Placing your products in spaces on the other side of the world is now easy.
Give us your photos or pick one from any photo bank. We'll do the rest.", "Texto_eventos3d" => "
Because an idea can be presented  | 3D Stand
Organising an event is highly complicated, but the most complicated part is trying to explain to a client what the event will be like.
Thanks to new technologies and 3D it's now possible to present an image or idea for an event. With extensive experience in the business, and with clients spread all over Spain, we can interpret your idea and present it with an image. You can now enter competitions and present your ideas, without facing the difficulty of having to explain them.
All our images are delivered with more than 20 Megapixel resolution. We also do all kinds of insertions into real photos.", "Texto_producto3d" => "
Visualise your designs  | 3D Product
Before the production and serialisation phase there is a trial and error period in which the designers lay out the general lines of the product in sketches or drawings. 3D tools provide a wide range of possibilities for improving the final design and the way it's visualised in both the experimentation and presentation phases. With broad experience in product and design projects we know how important it is to touch and feel a physical model, and that's why all our models can be printed with a 3D printer, in their respective formats.
Furthermore, we can create an interactive 3D application to modify materials and colours in real time and online.", "Texto_virtual" => "
Walk through, look at, interact with and experience your projects using virtual applications  | Virtual Reality
To understand in a simple way what a Real Time System is the best place to look is video games. In contrast to static infographics, or closed animations that always repeat themselves, a Real Time System is completely free.
A virtual scene is created and it is placed before your eyes and the user has total freedom to move around and interact with either the scene itself or the elements that make up the virtual world. It all runs and is calculated in real time.

Virtual Reality Media
Our real time systems support many different media. Ranging from an application that can be used on any computer to stereo projections, virtual reality glasses, 3D monitors, virtual reality caves, touch screens, web sites, and more. The most basic media is a computer. Whether it's using an application installed on your computer or -and this is where a huge range of possibilities opens up- from any website. Applications can be included on a corporate CD, flash drive, website or other media.

· In the near future you'll be able to download our plug-in to see our applications online. More than 60 million people have already installed it.

Likewise, another media that is used directly with a computer is a virtual headset. With a virtual headset every movement of your head is transferred to the application, which makes the experience incredibly immersive. With a different image projected onto each eye a stereo effect is created that creates the sense of space and depth, which is to say the same sense of depth we get from the real world and our physical surroundings.
There are different kinds of virtual reality headsets, from the most expensive and immersive to others that are surprisingly immersive yet still affordable. Lastly, using a computer (maybe placed on a pedestal) and a virtual reality headset we have a virtual set we can use to see all the virtual reality systems available to us. At the same time, the user's experience can be projected onto a screen so that everyone else can see what the user is seeing.
Even more immersive, although it's individual, are CAVE virtual reality environments where the user is surrounded by walls with 3D content projected onto them. These systems give the user the sensation of being inside a virtual world. In addition, all our content can be displayed on a touch screen, which may be a monitor, screen or pedestal. 3D Visual Effects doesn't just offer content, we can also configure the touch system you choose.
", "Texto_animacion3d" => "
We animate your ideas  | 3D Animation
If one (or many) 3D images isn't enough, make a film or walk through to present your project, idea or design more effectively. But there are other reasons besides that, such as the fact that many projects can only be explained when they're seen in movement.
3D animations have approximately 25 frames per second so they're highly dependent on their duration. In other words, a one minute animation would have 1500 images and a 2 minute animation would have 3000. There are a lot of different media for seeing 3D animation but among them watching DVDs on a television, just like any other movie, still holds centre stage. When the media for watching animation is a DVD system the resolutions are determined beforehand by international standards. But in addition to that, there are numerous other platforms with different resolutions, whether it's published on Blu-ray or for mobile devices like IPhone, IPod, ITouch, or online.. . All those devices require different resolutions and video codecs. 3D Visual Effects helps their clients make the best decisions depending on the purposes and requirements of all their specific needs. We also frequently collaborate on many 3D short films creating sets or props and more.
At 3D Visual Effects we like to tell projects a different way, and that's why we animate your ideas.

Create a movie of your projects so you can have spectacular presentations. We'd be delighted to animate your ideas.", "Texto_aumentada" => "
We can expand your project  | Augmented Reality
To understand in a simple way what Augmented Reality is you first need to know about Virtual Reality. You can find some information about it in our 'Virtual Reality' section.
In short, a Real Time System uses the same technology as video games. But, in contrast to static infographics, or closed animations that always repeat themselves, a Real Time System is completely free. It's a virtual world placed in front of our eyes that you can interact with and move through. So after a project has been programmed and produced as a Real Time System, Augmented Reality consists of joining the completely virtual world with our real world.

Joining both worlds
In order to join the virtual world with reality two elements are absolutely essential.
The first one is to calculate the point of view and vanishing points in real time as they are seen through a camera or augmented reality glasses. Real time tracking is vital for synchronising the virtual world with the real world. This means the perspective of the two worlds have to coincide so they can be interpreted as being in the same place.
Then second concept needed is a peripheral device to capture both worlds at the same time. In this case it can be a camera, web cam, augmented reality glasses or anything that records the real world and can superimpose the virtual world on top of it. A visual code in the real world is also needed so our system can recognise where to place the virtual world, and which part of the virtual world should be placed.

In short, Augmented Reality is the union of the real world with virtual information. Imagine having a code in an advertisement and when someone points a camera at it an entirely virtual model appears over the magazine, newspaper or other publication.

We're also developing this technology to use in websites with web cams, IPhone or IPad and mobile devices with video cameras.", "Texto_360" => "
Take a look around yourself  | 360° Panoramics
If you want something more dynamic than a 3D image but you don't need a Virtual Reality system or 3D animation, a 360º panoramic image is your best choice. You can see everything around you from a single point of view with the same technology used for Google Street View. The main advantage is that we can also make it completely virtual, in other words it can be on top of an entire project in 3D.
In addition, we can provide 360º panoramic images with different plug-ins, depending on what you need. We can do it for Flash Player, Quiktime or just using Java, like here.
Put your mouse on the image and push the left button while you move the mouse in the direction you want to look. Now you can see what's around you.", "Notaemail" => "In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13 for the Protection of Personal Information, we inform you that the personal Information provided by you will be included in a file owned by 3D Visual Effects for the purposes of performing the actions necessary to adequately provide its services.
You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as applicable, by sending a written request, accompanied by a photocopy of your personal identification documents, to 3D Visual Effects.

¹ Required fields.", "Historia" => "3D Visual Effects is a company located in Valencia, Spain that has worked in 3D since 2004.

Since the time our company was created our goal has been to provide tools for the market that innovate or improve upon a number of working methods and procedures. Our goal is not just to provide technology, which we do, but to facilitate working processes to do certain tasks for which the tools may not even have existed.

A good example of that is some of our tools, like the 3D Catalogue or 3D Insertions that let you present your product in a much more economical way and in any setting around the world. Your product can be presented even if it's only been designed but hasn't been manufactured yet.
In other industries we've improved communication between professionals and clients in such way that the professionals can present things that only exist in their imagination or in highly technical plans, which has opened up an enormous range of possibilities for design and fabrication as well as presentation and commercialisation.

To achieve that goal we do all kinds of jobs related to 3D ranging from what could be called rendering, infographics, 3D images or virtual images to virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive web apps, 3D animations, camera mapping, virtual catalogues, simulators and countless other products related to 3D.

With the arrival of computers and the explosion of 3D we now have tools that let us cut costs in every field and improve our final products. Being able to visualise any kind of product, building, element, piece or event before it exists means we can fine tune our ideas and get the result we were looking for.

To make sure that happens and to cover a field as dynamic as new technologies we've assembled a highly trained and qualified team who can take on many different kinds of projects in many different fields within the world of 3D.

The 3D Visual Effects team.
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